Who is Dr. Wallis?

My interest in healing and medicine roots back to my own injury. As a kid, I broke my arm in several places. The healing process fascinated me. Fast forward and I was inspired by my chemistry teacher at Pendleton High School. Learning how science and healing connected solidified my passion. My next step was enrolling at the University of Oregon. I majored in neurobiology and minored in business, chemistry, and biochemistry. Although I was accepted to medical and pharmacy schools, I discovered a special interest in a more hands-on approach to healing. I chose to attend Western States University’s Chiropractic College here in Portland.

“Now, I get to help people everyday with my hands.”

When I’m not at my clinic, I’m lifting weights or changing diapers. I live with my fiance and our four kids, where everyday is an adventure.

I get to combine my knowledge in traditional medicine, naturopathic medicine, and nutrition make for a complete and integrated approach in chiropractic medicine. My journey from a kid with a broken arm to getting to treat patients has allowed me to do what I enjoy most; I get to help you heal.

I look forward to getting to know you and creating a care plan that will get you back to your highest qualify of life.

Dr. Wesley Wallis


Here at Skyline, we encourage you to ask all the questions you have about your health. We listen, we care and we value your time. Success is your full recovery from whatever is keeping you from your optimal health: car accidents, soft tissue injury, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, sports injury and more. We offer personalized care to find the root of the cause and prevent re-injury or future pain.

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