The body is an amazing work of art.

When functioning properly and well nourished it needs very little but this Earth to perform amazing feats and magnificent tasks.However in this day and age, car accidents, sedentary lifestyle, air contaminants, food additives, poor posture and diet choices we need to look at the treatment of our bodies as “a whole system approach” because it is all intimately weaved together.

Some think a chiropractor focuses on “backs” & “necks”, however, at Skyline Chiropractic we evaluate your organs, muscle function, nerve function, cardiovascular system, other visceral organs, then focusing on osseous restrictions (bones and joints that aren’t moving as well as they should). When looking at the spine, we look at disc health, bone density, alignment, natural curvature and nerve risk areas of inflammation or entrapment.

We correct structure, both muscle and bone, to allow our bodies to function at full capacity and achieve your highest level quality of life.

You only get one life, live it to its fullest and feel your best in it!!

Wesley Wallis

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