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Here at Skyline, we encourage you to ask all the questions you have about your health. We listen, we care and we value your time. Success is your full recovery from whatever is keeping you from your optimal health: car accidents, soft tissue injury, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, sports injury and more. We offer personalized care to find the root of the cause and prevent re-injury or future pain.

Client Testimonials

Recovery in weeks

“Dr. Wallis healed a client of mine in a matter of weeks after she had been suffering at the hands of other doctors for more than a year. He’s a no-nonsense healer. That’s what he does – he heals people.”

Ron E.

My neck feels better

“My daughter visited there last week for neck & back issues. Very nice & great treatment.
Dr. Wallis adjusted her and recommended some exercises. We will definitely continue to go there.”


Great with diagnosing

“I’ve been to many chiropractors in my life and Dr. Wallis is the best! He is very good at diagnosing and identifies the most effective treatment. I have found much less need to see any internist, who most often just wants to prescribe a pill or refer me to another specialist.”

David M.

We are Listening

We understand the healthcare world can be confusing, scary and frustrating.  We want you to have  an all-encompassing experience. By working together, we can explain your insurance options and claims, assist with paperwork, recommend trustworthy attorneys and help you recover. By being a small business and using local providers, we’re able to keep your treatment personalized.  

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